Nationbuilder Directory


The Nationbuilder Directory is a newly developed application for building a directory in Nationbuilder. Nationbuilder does not have a built-in way for users to search through the people in your database. We built a directory application for use by several school districts and are now making it available to the general public including professional organizations and non-profits.

  • Directory searchable by your choice of built-in or custom fields
  • Contact form allowing users to contact people in your database without being able to view their email addresses
  • Links to Nationbuilder public profiles
  • Supports searching either your entire database or a subsection of your database
  • Centralized code base for all instances of the directory application allowing for rapid deployment and excellent stability
  • Customized implementations available

Our basic directory is available for $30/month. Custom implementations are available at additional cost. For addition information, contact

To purchase application, please use the subscribe button below. Upon subscription, you will be redirected to a page to set up the application.